The Himalayas is such an exquisite natural wonder. The mountain range extends from Pakistan all the way up to Eastern India. These mountain ranges are so grand that they look like a magical bundle of snowflakes when seen from above. Many trekkers, approximately 35,000, come to this region every year. If you plan to embark or visit the great mountain region, here are some things that you should know. 

Easy is Hard

The region consists of various mountains, yet even the smallest ones are difficult to trek. That is why it is recommended to undergo at least some training before trekking the Himalayas. However, there some treks are catered for beginners, but the experience is vastly different than those who reach higher in the mountains. So, make sure to do exercises that increase your stamina at least a month or two weeks before the trek.

Select a Comfortable Date

Throughout the year, different regions in the Himalayas have different temperatures. It is during the Autumn where Mt. Everest is usually packed with people. The months of April and October are also great options for you to have a safe and comfortable experience.

Avail Guiding Services

There is nothing worse that could happen in a vacation than getting lost in the middle of a snowy mountain. Guides are available that have the right expertise of the mountain. Even those who have gone to the mountain a couple of times are still advised to get these services to avoid any unfortunate incident. 

Respect Comes a Long Way

In your journey, you may be able to encounter villages. The Himalayans have mastered the art of surviving in this extreme region and as a visitor, you should respect their culture and show courtesy. This includes not being boisterous upon passing the village nor disturbing their livestock.