The month of July revealed a spectacular fashion mix from France. Luxurious gowns and bold statement getups opened the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute-sponsored fashion gala. 

According to Paris fashion guru Maria Grazia Chiuri, she wanted a more classical theme; thus, she included some Greece-inspired white dresses as part of the show’s opening set. However, she stressed that nothing beats textual dresses. Chiuri believes that the impact of wearing statement attires is more important than the fabrics and style. In retrospect, the designer exhibited a few fearless statement t-shirts in 2017, including one with “We Should All Be Feminists” imprint. 

Chiuri said that she wanted some blow about the social criticism this year. In fact, her inspiration in cladding the peplos was Bernard Rudofsky’s book entitled “Are Clothes Modern?” The said masterpiece discussed provocative aspects of fashion, including body modification and forces that inspire fashion trend. Another motivation of Chiuri was the book “Architecture Without Architects” also written by Rudofsky.

In her interview with the Guardian, Chiuri appealed the public to become Rudofsky. She said that fashion is not just about creativity; rather it is more of a social responsibility.

She urged the people to read the books of Rudofsky that tackled not only dress codes but also emphasized the significance of variations of body taboos, the philosophy of luxury goods, supernatural satisfaction of a chic self-portrait, and the progression of tattoo art.

What’s With Rudofsky That Turns Chiuri a Great Fan

Bernard Rudofsky is an Austrian American architect, social reformist, and writer that is known for his piece ‘Architecture Without Architects: A Short Introduction to Non-pedigreed Architecture’ released in 1964.

In the fashion world, Rudofsky is known for his statement that the dresses that people wear today are harmful and senseless. He further exclaimed that there’s a dire need to revisit the fashion trend to uphold the highest standards of style.